• Cooling solutions

    with quiet and efficient options

    Whether you have a single uncomfortable room, you’re renovating your entire house, or you’re building a home from scratch, ductless mini splits are a viable solution that can fit your unique needs. Because our systems focus on individual living spaces rather than treating every room the same, it’s more customizable, more energy efficient and easier to install.

  • A broad range

    of energy efficient air conditioners

    More than three-quarters of all U.S. households have air conditioners. Energy consumption for home air conditioning accounts for more than 8% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. for all purposes, at a cost to homeowners of over $15 billion. A switch to high-efficiency air conditioners and implementation of measures to reduce cooling loads in homes can reduce this energy use by 20–50%. Climate Control HVAC can provide you with quality products at low low prices.

  • Making your life

    more comfortable and easier

    Many efficient HVAC devices are available that can help you save money and keep your home more comfortable. Many of these devices can even increase your home’s value. Sanlder HVAC can help you install a variable-speed compressor, a programmable thermostat, a humidifier or a dehumidifier, or an air purifier.